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Glass Repair

Glass repair is not top of the list of DIY skills for your average household handyman. This is usually because it is not often any of us are required to leap into action to mend a broken window. It is probably one of the least practiced DIY skills and as a consequence, when needed, we often find ourselves lacking in both knowledge and the right tools and equipment for the job. With the thought of what you need to learn before you can do the job, it just becomes all too easy to wave the white flag and call your local glazier. In some ways it makes a lot of sense as they know what they are doing, and they will make any glass repair look so easy. However like many things in life, you pay for their skill and knowledge, and seldom does that come cheap. Just to replace a small pane of glass may cost you around £100.00, or a lot more if you live in London, yet the glass itself may not cost more than £10.00.

Sort of glass

The other thing you need to know is what sort of glass you need. Not all panes of glass are the same, and if it is a double glazed unit the glass is broken in, then you need to replace the whole unit, though thankfully not the whole window. Toughened glass can still crack and lose it integrity, so though it may still seem robust, it is dangerous, and especially as glass splinters can cause havoc. If you are thinking of doing any glass repairs yourself then you have to establish the following:

  • The type of glass – is it standard, toughened, security, UV repellant or self-cleaning
  • The thickness of the glass
  • The thickness of any gaps if it is a double or triple glazed unit
  • The overall external dimensions

If you are not sure, we recommend that you remove the glass and either take a safe portion of it to a glazier, or the double glazed unit to a local manufacturer, and let them decide what you need.